What We Do

Our work spans from product to marketing to campaigns, and everything in between.

Product Design

We are experts at crafting web experiences that are thoroughly researched, thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested.

screenshots of competitive analysis on takeover modals


Every project begins by gathering references from across the digital landscape. We cast a wide net initially, then narrow down our boards to reflect the individual goals of our endeavors. When looking at what other designers and brands have created, we seek out successful implementations to aspire to and also usability pitfalls we want to avoid.

Wireframing process

UX Wireframing and Prototyping

We attempt to put ourselves in our user’s shoes while sketching the most simple and elegant solutions to meet our goals. Through clickable prototypes that approximate our ultimate vision, we are able to validate our assumptions through user testing.

interface of account dashboard on desktop and mobile

UI Design

Our team designs the user interfaces for prh.com, readbrightly.com, and many internal marketing tools. The user interfaces we design are consistent and purposeful, making the sites as beautiful as they are intuitive, and are all designed with the user particular to that product in mind.

Adobe XD interface with Stark Plugin modal checking for color contrast


We are committed to designing for AA WCAG standards, and continually push ourselves to learn more about how to best serve the widest possible gamut of our users.

Marketing Design

We create marketing materials that strive to promote the culture of reading through authentic connection with our audience.


PRH and Brightly have robust email programs, and we provide both with visual design as well as UI design for the email templates. Email gives us an opportunity to speak to and design for specific groups of users, and often allows for more visual exploration than we are afforded onsite.


We support our corporate social media outlets both through designed assets as well as photography, either shot ourselves or commissioned through our photographer network.


Though the vast majority of the work we do is digital, we are asked to create print materials on occasion and are happy to. We’ve designed everything from 40-page zines, branded catalog advertisements, promotional materials for social influencers, and large-scale event signage for conventions.

Campaign Design

An exercise in branding, marketing and often product design, campaigns create a moment for us to utilize all aspects of our skillsets.


Gathering visual references, color swatches, and type specimens together on a board helps us establish the desired mood and visual approach of a campaign. Depending on how many specific audiences we are targeting, we might create multiple moodboards for a project to effectively speak to each group.


Due to the far-reaching scope of our campaigns – email, social, ads, and site – we often need a centralized branding system to tie our efforts together. This usually involves creating a logo, a palette, type hierarchy, and graphic elements unique to each campaign.

Creative Sourcing

While we make most of our creative assets in-house, we also look to outside experts in certain circumstances. We have a large network of illustrators, letterers, animators, and photographers we tap to get beautiful and bespoke assets for our campaigns.

Asset Creation

The orchestration of asset creation for a large campaign is no small feat. We’ve stood up so many successful campaigns that we’ve learned how to approach these projects efficiently while maintaining continuity and creative integrity.

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