Our Team

We aim to create an inclusive space people are happy to work in.

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Team Pillars

These tenets are at the core of the work that we do, and are critical to creating work that we are proud of and stand behind.

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Working with others within and outside our team always pushes our work further. We invite all opportunities for new perspectives and ideas.

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Meaningful work that creates real connections with people is at the heart of good design. We know we’re doing our jobs when our work goes deeper than just a sales pitch.

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We recognize how much power we as designers have in creating a message of inclusivity at PRH. We continually make decisions to authentically represent our wide world of readers, from cultivating a diverse group of freelancers for custom art to striving for balanced and considered representation when featuring models.

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We learn by doing, and by leaning on each other for their expertise. We know that with every iteration we gain new insights and improve our work.

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