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Always current,
always on-brand.

While our signature orange remains constant, we also leverage expanded palettes to reflect the season’s marketing efforts. We update these to show the evolution of our brand and the ever-changing needs of our readers. Check back regularly to get the most up-to-date colors!

Expanded Seasonal Palettes

Our support colors change with the seasons, allowing us to play with an expanded palette that nods to our heritage while feeling fresh and contemporary. Orange doesn’t always need to take center stage within our palettes, but brand balance must be a design consideration.

Spring Palette

Summer Palette

Fall Palette

Branded Palettes

As our brand evolves, orange continues to be one of the keys to our brand recognition. We always ensure orange is present, either within the composition or through the presence of a logo on the site. One key evolution of our brand color is related to accessibility—anytime we use orange within the UI or our sites or email, we use a slightly modified True Orange. The difference might look subtle, but it is significant enough that it improves imagery that’s too low-contrast for visually impaired visitors so that it’s now visible.

PRH Brand Palette

Reader Rewards Palette

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